Share Deposits

  • This is the primary account offered to the membership for long term savings.
  • This account attracts a competitive interest payment.
  • Higher interest return will be paid on accounts with larger balances.(Interest rate paid for 2016 was 8.7%).
  • The funds in this account may be used to secure loans.
  • A member may be refunded the amount saved in his non-withdrawable deposit account within 60(Sixty) days after giving a written notification.(Resign from the SACCO)
  • Categories of share deposits:
    • Dhahabu deposits Account for members on permanent terms.
    • Shaba deposits Account for members on contractual terms of employment.
    • Chama deposits Account for membership under chamaa category.
    • Taasisi deposits Account for institutions category.
    • Biashara deposits Account for individual business people.