SACCO Assurance


SACCO Assurance Partnership with CIC Limited.

We are glad to inform all our Members that they can now access subsidized and tailor-made insurance products through the Sacco.
EGERTON Sacco values  your life as our member, we are therefore pleased to inform you that we have partnered with CIC Insurance and negotiated a Comprehensive Private Motor Vehicle Insurance at a reduced premium rate of  4% which is available immediately to you and your dependants

Please look out for more interventions that the SACCO will continuously indulge in to live up to our objective of “providing an opportunity for improving members’ socio-economic conditions.”

The Benefits among others are;

·        Low premium rate of  4%

·        Display sticker processed within a day

·        Delivery of display sticker at your convenient location

·        Accident claims processed in 7 days

·        Dedicated staff to offer personalized service

To partake in this opportunity kindly get in touch with SACCO Assurance persons based at the SACCO offices for assistance: